Resolved: Seriously Organized LLC. Owner and Crew are Liars and Theives

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Upon consultation I was fairly impressed with Andria Burke. Over the phone she said the initial consultation would be 20% off, $80 instead of the usual $100. She did not grant us the $80 charging us the 100$ instead and claiming she "forgot" when I asked her about it later, yeah right. She seemed very understanding of my mother's condition in the consultation. My Mom has bad habits, procrastinating on organizing things, having a slight hoarding problem and difficulty dealing with things.

Andria gave us a folder with a lot of information. She didn't tell us the in the folder is a longer contract that says they are not liable for lost things. That is typical of professional organizers to have that, but Andria didn't even have us read it and there was another place in the contract where we should have signed. We might have legal authority to sue them for that.

When the actual service began I was not impressed and it became quickly apparent that all they were seeing is dollar signs. They were just trying to milk us for everything we have. Andria Burke and Nikki Havens husband stole things from us. Andria Burke is a total fake. Andria tried to take credit for things that were already organized thinking we wouldn't know. She was just standing around a lot ordering her other workers to organize for her.

Andria was lazy and I was very surprised with how little work she did and the rest of the crew for how much we were paying them. They really seemed like spoiled people to be paid so much and act like it is still not enough.

They tried pushy sales techniques on my Mom to buy their overpriced products from them and when she resisted Andria got an attitude. She was hoping she could take my Mom to the cleaners.

I called Nikki Havens to complain and she sounded like an even bigger *** than Andria. She just brought me right to their precious contract when I complained about lost items my Mom has been mourning about and she told me they basically have a license to steal our stuff with that signed contract. She rudely asked me, "why are you calling me about this when the contact says this." As if we as clients to their company are not entitled to any rights or satisfaction of their service.

Nikki Havens and the rest of her crew all seem like kind of shady/creepy people that have no empathy or understanding for people who hoard or have chronic disorganization problems.

They will try to sound real nice, professional, understanding on their website, on the phone, through email, and consultation, but don't be fooled. They just want to sell you their service so you sign their contract so they get a license to raid your home and steal your possessions.

As soon as they come into your home they have a different attitude than when you have the consultation or communicate over the phone or email. I don't think these people really know what they are doing. Don't be sold by their pretty website. They don't care about organizing your stuff. They just want to throw it away and steal your valuables. They seem to look for clients with low self esteem like my Mom who don't have the energy to be assertive and have bad habits of not reading thoroughly through contracts. Seriously Organized is in the business of taking advantage of people like them.

There are many professional organizers out there that are better. If you have a mother who is a hoarder/has a lot of stuff, go through it yourself and save the money. You won't regret it. You will feel better knowing you handled all the stuff yourself.

While a professional organizer might seem like a good idea if you have a lot of stuff and need help organizing, they really don't have anything to offer you can't do on your own. They are not worth the money. They will just handle your stuff poorer than doing it yourself. Read about organizing on the internet/in books, that's a lot cheaper. You know your stuff better than anyone. Don't let them think they know better than you, they don't.

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